Orange Army Update

To the Orange Army,

We write (again) to say thank you for your patience and support during this unprecedented off-season!

While we have all felt the impacts of the coronavirus in our city and are still adjusting to the new normal, the club has also been involved in lengthy negotiations as a result of the Cairns Convention Centre redevelopment delays and fighting to keep the Taipans in Cairns.

This has been an extremely challenging period for the front office, but we understand how frustrating it has been for our members and fans. Your support and loyalty has been invaluable to everyone associated with the Taipans, during this time of uncertainty.

As it was communicated in the media, the club recently received the positive news that the Queensland State Government are going to support the Taipans in the upcoming season and provide an alternative home venue until the Cairns Convention Centre is available from 4 February, 2021.

We are currently waiting on the finalised plans and details for this venue, which will be subject to NBL approval. While we are eager to receive more information, we have been assured the temporary venue at the Bunnings site will be ready in time for season tip-off, anticipated to be on 3 December 2020.

As we currently don’t have a final proposal for the venue (including seating configurations, crowd capacity and potential COVID-19 restrictions, if any) the Taipans have put all membership sales and ticketing information on hold for the time being.

The NBL are expected to release the 2020-21 fixtures soon, and that will also dictate how many games are held at the Bunnings site, and how many games will be at the newly renovated Convention Centre.

Once the club receives this information, we can share what it means for the Orange Army moving forward and what you can do to support the club and attend as many Taipans games, events and activations as possible.

Again, we thank you for your patience and support during this time and we look forward to sharing more venue updates and player signings in the very near future! All 2019/20 Orange Army members (renewed or not) will still maintain the benefit of receiving the upcoming Taipans roster news prior to public release, so keep an eye on your emails to find out first.

Please note – Taipans HQ remains closed until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. For any further questions, please read the FAQ’s below and for any other enquiries please direct all emails to which will be monitored intermittently. Thank you for your understanding.

Orange Army FAQ’S

I have already signed up for a Taipans membership. What does this mean?
Thank you for your support! The Taipans are currently waiting on information from the Queensland State Government regarding the stadium and the seating plan. Your seat/s at both venues are guaranteed, and the club will be in touch with updates as soon as they come.

I am on an instalment plan for my Taipans membership, are my seats guaranteed?
If you have already contributed payments to your 2020-21 membership, your seats at both venues are guaranteed. However, if you cease payment or request a refund – we will release your seats. You will be able to reinstate your membership or purchase single-game tickets at the Cairns Convention Centre closer to the season.

How can I renew my membership or sign up to be a member now?
Existing members and single game ticket holders were notified to renew (at the discounted Early Bird rate) or to contact the club to request a seat hold by 30 June 2020. This provided an exceptional three-month extension on both the early bird sale prices and the standard membership seat hold period. Unfortunately, as this date as passed – new memberships are currently unavailable to purchase.

Why are memberships on hold/unavailable?
The Queensland State Government are yet to finalise the design of the stadium and the seating plan for memberships and single-game tickets. When the plan and NBL schedule is available, the Taipans will be able to determine how they can service and deliver membership allocations across both venues, and in line with any potential COVID-19 crowd restrictions.

When does the season start? When are we going back to the Convention Centre?
The 2020-21 NBL season is set to begin on or around Thursday 3 December, 2020. The NBL are due to release the fixtures very soon, that will determine how many Taipans games will be played at the alternative venue and how many at the Cairns Convention Centre from 4 February, 2021. Once the split is determined, Taipans HQ can resume selling memberships and/or single-game tickets. We look forward to your support, and in the meantime – be sure to follow the Taipans on all social media accounts.